For Gourmets

Eyes on the stars, hearts in the kitchen! The region has a good selection of Michelin-starred restaurants as well as "bonnes petites tables" to satisfy the most demanding gourmets.


Please find below a non-exhaustive list of restaurants.



In the mood for something new? Beef bourguignon or Burgundy snails? Discover Burgundy’s restaurants who offer typically regional cuisine using products from the area.


Maybe you would like to try an exceptional experience?


The number of recognised Burgundian chefs, with Guide Michelin stars, has been steadily growing in recent years. Discover restaurants that will make your Burgundian experience unique and memorable.

The culinary delights

Burgundy cultivates the art of receiving you in its restaurants and shops. It is the preferred destination for gourmands seeking authenticity.


Varied and able to adapt to all tastes and convictions, Burgundian fine cuisine awakens the senses and stimulates the palate! With the famous “Dijon Mustard” you will have a very good spicy introduction thanks to the visit of the Fallot mustard-maker. For the more adventurous there are the Burgundian snails. Gourmets will be delighted to taste famous local truffles. If you prefer looking for authenticity, marbled and cured ham, cheese gougers, poached eggs in wine sauce and other types of local cheeses can be enjoyed.


Everyone with a "sweet tooth" will enjoy a piece of gingerbread to Mulot & Petit Jean. Other irresistible sweets include the famous Flavigny aniseed drops, red fruits dishes as blackcurrant cream or discover others specialities in the Cassisium in Nuits-Saint-Georges.


So the secret of good Burgundian cooking is to strike a balance between the good food and the best match between wine and food. Indeed, Burgundy is renowned for its wines and vineyards. 


If you want more details about Burgundian recipes or good places to go, you can go to the website “Saveurs de Bourgogne” or please feel free to contact us directly.