For those who love calm and nature Bouilland is the right place. 

Situated between the Auxois plain, the vine yards of Beaune and the city of Dijon, the valley is surrounded by some of the most visited tourism highlights of the region.


Nested at the foot of the cliffs and in the the valley of the river Rhoin, Bouilland is ideal for enthusiasts of nature, peace and quiet, hiking, climbing or pony trekking.


Four rock faces are open to climbers (Combe à la Vieille, La Roche Percée, Le Chatelet et Bouilland Village), for a total of 375 climbing route. In these cliffs, very good level climbers will enjoy several ways from 3a to 8c+, with a majority of 6c ways level.


To protect peregrine falcon, eagle owl and their biotopes, a prefectorial decree forbids the access to these areas: la Combe à la Vieille, Roche Percée et Chatelet (From 15th February to 15th July)



Discover the Tour of the Rhoin Valley, a pleasant circuit with superb views where you can immerse yourself in the past and int the fauna and flora of the area. You should also see the Abbey of Sainte Marguerite.



Located 200 meters from the estate, the playground is close to the river and consists of several poles of activities: a play area for children, a football pitch, a bowling ground and a tennis court nearby.

L'utilisation du terrain de tennis est inclue dans les prestations des gîtes.

There is outdoor tennis court within few minutes walk from the Estate.


You only need to subscribe directly through the table provided for this purpose in front of the tennis court.


The use of the tennis courts is included in the price of the property rental.

Situated in the heart of the Rhoin valley, Bouilland has kept the charm and authenticity of the typical Burgundy villages.


We're located 10 km from Savigny-les-Beaune, and 15 km from Beaune, where you'll find all the facilities : supermarkets, service station, bakeries, pharmacies, ironing parlour and vet and a doctor.


However, there are some good addresses to share in Bouilland:

  • The Restaurant l'Auberge Saint Martin (Tel: 03 80 21 53 01)
  • The Bar
  • An associative grocery shop (Opening hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm; and on Sunday from 10h30 am à 12h pm)



Burgundy is renowned for its friendliness and Bouilland is definitely not an exception. Thanks to its inhabitants and its community life, many activities are proposed during the summer period.

This sense of sharing is particularly important for us. That’s why, during the summer period, we use to invite everyone of each gite to share information and request in a very friendly way around a toast. 

The intern area surrounding Beaune and Dijon is blessed with one of the most remarkable natural environments found anywhere in Burgundy.


Concerned with preserving and spotlighting this shared heritage, the Community of Communes of Beaune wished to invest in the Natura 2000’s approach thanks to the integration of the valley of Rhoin in this network.


First encouraging steps in the conservation of the environment have also appeared, but there is still a long way to go. Everyone can make a contribution while discovering the natural riches of this region or through voluntary action.



Althought small, Bouilland has a rich and ancient history and cultural heritage. Unfortunately, most of these periods disappeared but some remains, as the Saint Marguerite’s Abbey, as withstood the test of time.


That is why an inhabitant of Bouilland, called the “Bouillandin”, has decided to trace the history of village. For many years, he collected testimonies, memories, photos, documents, maps. As a result, he published a book containing all these researches.