Tour of the Rhoin Valley

A pleasant circuit with superb views where you can immerse yourself in the past with the great prehistoric Châtelet de Bouilland and the medieval Abbey of St Marguerite.


Points of interest : views over Bouilland ; Combe à la Vieille ; Ruins of the Abbey of Sainte Marguerite

General Information

GPS coordinates:

47° 7' 55.887706833599964N

4° 46' 34.343159629800084E


Start: Bouilland, Place de la Mairie


Distance: about 10 km 


Duration: about 3 hours 


Height gained: about 410 m 


Level: medium 


Step by step

From the car park, take Rue des Roches opposite, follow it for about 150 m, at the first junction 1 turn left and after 25 m turn left again and go up a grassy trail passing to the right of a house (still on the GR®). Beyond this, turn left on the little tarmac road. At the junction, by the cross (post P91), leave the GR® and the Marianne trail and climb to the right. At the turn, continue straight ahead on a small path through a copse. Arriving at a wider path, continue straight ahead.


Coming out into a clearing, take the path on the right that takes you above the rocks of Bouilland (wonderful view of the village nestled in the valley, climbing school to the right at the foot of the rocks).

Continue along the path a few metres from the cliff edge, being careful, especially in wet weather and when children are present. The path passes above the hamlet of La Forge, then enters the forest.


After approximately 600 m (post P92), leave the Marianne trail and Combes path to the left and continue slightly to the right for 200 m, turn right (continuing straight ahead, round trip to see the Grand Chatelet de Bouilland and the splendid view from the spur 2, 3, 4, but stay away from cliff edges) to join a narrow path heading down to La Forge. Arriving at the tarmac road D2 (cross with care), continue almost opposite on the gravel path, turning right into Rue de Savigny past a wash-house 5. Head uphill slightly, turn left into Rue de Chagney then left again (post P114) and continue along the tarmac road leading to the Abbaye Sainte Marguerite 6. Pass the car park of the Abbey 7 (post P93) (follow the red and white markings of the GR® to Bouilland), continue up the small partially tarred road for 200 m which turns into a paved path after nearly 700 m. At the end of the paved section of the road, turn right on the border path which then enters the wood.


After about 700 m, take a path on the right just before the start of a lane. Go straight ahead, soon crossing a type of stepping stones 8 (beware: slippery in wet weather). Then head left on the wide forest path to a gate, turn right on the D104 road, follow it for about 300 m (take care) ignoring a gravel road on the left, and immediately afterwards, veer right leaving the tarmac road to begin the descent to Bouilland. Return to the town hall and wash-house.

Link up with circuit no 4: (post P93), follow on the left the GR® 7 to post P96. Then follow the yellow signs to join circuit no 4 at post P5 (3 km).




Markers: directional posts and yellow paint marks on various objects (trees, walls, ground...) 



Restrictions: TAKE CARE during the hunting season (September to end-February) and official culls.